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Queue section setup
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+# Ignore everything except specific files.
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+# cppget.org/queue
+: 1
+role: complement
+location: ../alpha
+# @@ Cannot do relative URL. Perhaps need support for replacing domain, not
+# just stripping it, e.g., ../queue/./..?
+url: https://queue.cppget.org
+email: users@cppget.org
+summary: C++ package repository queue
+description: \
+This section contains packages that are being staged for preliminary testing
+before being moved to alpha (or rejected). Complemented by the alpha, beta,
+testing, and stable sections.
+This section is transient and volatile; packages can be added or removed at
+any time and no history of these changes is kept.
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This is a git repository of the cppget.org package repository. That is, every
addition, removal, or transition of a package in cppget.org is tracked in this
git repository.
+Note that this doesn't apply to the queue, which is transient and volatile.